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We offer individual counseling, parent skills training, and

parent-child attachment work. 

Counseling is available for children, teens, and adults to address unresolved trauma, difficulty trusting in relationships, emotional and behavioral dysregulation, and dissociation. 

Services can be comprehensive or

symptom-focused and treatment goals will be

established collaboratively.

Counseling for Adult Clients

Begin your healing journey and learn to trust, feel safe, and feel valued.  

Counseling is a collaborative process and your counselor will help you define your goals, develop skills, and work through the trauma of the past.

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Counseling for Child Clients

Children's natural language is play.  Counseling children involves gaining their trust and their interest, and motivating them to face things they would rather avoid.

Parents are an important part of the healing process and will be involved in their child's work to the fullest extent possible.

Counseling for Parents / Caregivers

Parents want the best for their children, but cannot always bring their best self to the table.

Counseling for parents and caregivers focuses on skill development for the most effective parenting possible and on healing the hurts that make it difficult to be your best self.

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In EMDR Therapy, the clinician is like a GPS, offering guidance in finding a path from where the client is beginning to where they would like to go.  The client decides how fast to go, the actual path taken, and the ultimate stopping point of the journey.  Collaboration and communication are essential to this process.



People have innate healing systems that are geared toward growth.  EMDR Therapy, as used by skilled clinicians, helps stimulate these systems to facilitate healing from even the most disturbing life events, allowing clients to find their own strengths to celebrate.



We know that everyone moves at their own pace.  Some clients move through their work quickly while others need time and space to trust and open up.  Everyone receives the time they need to heal in a warm and supportive environment designed to facilitate success.


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