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EMDR Consultation for Clinicians

EMDR Consultation is a valuable step in the process of becoming a strong and competent EMDR clinician.  Consultation deepens your learning and practice of EMDR Therapy and helps you master skills including effective case conceptualization, client resourcing, and the processing phases of treatment.  Consultation is available for focus specifically on a particular case or skill/topic or consultation can be directed toward the goal of becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist or EMDRIA Approved Consultant.  Consultation is individually paced, designed to be inclusive and to increase cultural competence when practicing, and will increase clinician confidence in their clinical practice.

Consultation can be done individually or in a group format, as well as in a telehealth or office setting.  All consultation is designed to meet EMDRIA standards.  If you are motivated to grow your skills and confidence in your EMDR practice, reach out and begin the journey today!


Basic Training Level

Consultation for Basic Training is provided through  Please visit that website to see available trainings and groups.


Case/Skill Specific

Difficult cases can propel clinicians toward growth.  Topic areas can include dissociation in children or adults, complex trauma, or starting EMDR practice with children.


EMDRIA Certified Therapist

Consultation at this level will help you develop mastery of the Standard Protocol.  Please see for FAQs for this credential.


EMDRIA Approved Consultation

Consultation of Consultation helps a clinician develop their skills to help other clinicians grow in their EMDR practice.  Please see for FAQs for this credential.


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